FRIENDS, when George Dubya Bush was determined to go into Iraq based on the CIA lies of a Saddam/Al Queda alliance and weapons of mass destruction there were protests everywhere in the world but Bush just laughed. Why? Bush laughed because without ONE PERSON AS A FOCAL POINT OF ALL THE PROTEST TO CONFRONT BUSH AND OTHERS NOT TO START A WAR, the protesters were just an unfocused disconnected powerless mob.

The entire power of the USA is behind Joe Biden now as they were behind Dubya Bush then. Biden is not going to make any effort to find out who can speak for the ENTIRE MOVEMENT with authority to speak against the Zionist genocide in Gaza.

I am one man with one message "Increase the peace in the world". There is no one else with my credentials to challenge and stop the insanity not only with the Zionist Holocaust in Gaza but Global Warming and the Anarchy of Donald Trump. I am the focal point. I am the one.

If someone is more qualified with a stronger resume than mine, he or she needs to meet with me and others and we will select ONE spokeperson for the MOVEMENT. All the potential leaders of the STOP the Gaza Holocaust need to come together and decide who will be the focal point. With NO FOCAL POINT to confront Biden, the Zionist will continue their 75 year determination to subordinate and murder Palestinian men, women, children and babies with their Zionist Holocaust agenda.

VIOLENCE IS NOT THE ANSWER. IT WILL ACCOMPLISH NOTHING. I DO NOT ADVOCATE IT BECAUSE IT WILL ACCOMPLISH NOTHING. A GLOBAL MAN OR WOMAN FOCAL POINT regarding the Zionist holocaust in Gaza is all that will end the Gaza genocide and give the Palestinians their own soverign nation and BACK DOWN and THROTTLE BACK Joe Biden.


- Dr John WorldPeace JD.

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Dr John WorldPeace JD Poetry: The Zionist Holocaust in Gaza

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." Mt 19:14

Putin, Trump, Netanyahu use the Hilter propaganda play book in many ways but with regards to Gaza in two significant ways.

1) There is no war in Gaza. There is a Zionist Holocaut. In a war, soldiers fight soldiers. In a Holocaust you put people is concentration camp where they cannot get out without permission of those who maintain the camp. Then you begin to kill them. Who cares what the reason is. This action is not a war but a Holocaust or more specifically genocide of the Palestinians who live in Gaza. 1.2 million Palestinians have been displaced from their homes. They are being denied food and water and hospital care and power. They have been denied communication with the outside world. And the civilians are being exterminated with bombing and artillery. The Nazis killed the Jews with bullets and poisonous gas. The Zionist prefer to exterminate the Palestinians in Gaza with bombs and artillery.

2) There is a clear intentional use of the word Anti-semitic by the Jews. The Jews have tried to skew the meaning of the word Anti-semitic to mean the intentional prejudice and extreme prejudice against only the Jews. The Jews began to do this at the end of the 1800's before the Nazi Holocaust. There was no Israel at that time which I refer to as Zion. Now the Zionist, which I define as the radical right wing politics of the Jews, demand that Anti-semitic be used with its clear meaning, prejudice and extreme prejudice against the Jews. The semitic people are those of the semitic language but more specifically to me with regards to the Jews and Palestinians the progeny of Abraham's two sons, the first born Ismael the father of the Muslim semites and Isaac the second born of Abraham the Jewish semites. To use the word Anti-semite brings in the Jews as extremely Anti-semitic with regards to the Muslims, Palestinians, Gazans. The Jews do not want to be called Anti-semitic. To clear the matter up, we simply use the word Anti-Zionists for the radical right wing Jewish Zionists. I think the majority of the world population is for the most part neutral with regards to the Jews but hateful to the Zionists.


Zion is an Apartheid state because the Palestinians who would not allow the Zionists to remove them from Zion and still reside in Israel are second class citizens in the Nation of Israel. No one except the Jews deny this. The United States does not support apartheid states anywhere in the world of nations except with regards to the Zionists. An apartheid state is an abomination to the United States Constitution. Before October 7, Netanyahu was trying to destroy the judiciary in Zion. Why? Because the Zionists are very envious of and desirous of creating a Judaism Theocracy in Israel exactly like the Muslim Theocracy in Iran.




Dr John WorldPeace JD for President USA

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Petal 4321

All children my children
all parents and grandparents
my parents and grandparents
all brothers and sisters
my brothers and sisters
In Gaza the Zionist soldiers
murder my civilian family

Dr John WorldPeace JD

Prime Directive: "Violence on any level can never be the foundation of increasing the Peace in the world human society." Dr John WorldPeace

Dr John WorldPeace JD the only advocate for Jesus Christ: Jn 14: 25
I am a spiritual follower of Jesus not a Christian religionist or Nationalist.
Dr John WorldPeace JD the only Global Advocate for Peace and WorldPeace officially since 1988.

I declare that I am a global citizen. I am an American by birth and since I must be a citizen of some nation, I have no intention in changing my citizenship because it would serve no purpose..

For 75 years since the end of WWII the Zionist and the world human society, the UN, the United States and other nations have refused to give the Palestinians their own country as required by the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights that every human being must have a citizenship.

There are protests all over the world regarding the Zion holocaust in Gaza but these protests will come to nothing without one global human focal point. One person who can speak to all the entenched global national bureaucratic states. I would remind you that when President George Bush was going to make war on Iraq based on the CIA lies of a Saddam/Al Queda partnership and weapons of mass destruction in Iraq there were millions who protested. George Bush laughed at the mob of protestors because they had no flagbear. The same is happening now. People of conscience are protesting globally and the leaders of the world are laughing because there is no one person as the focal point of the protests to communicate with. Without one representative to challenge the Zionist holocaust in Gaza, nothing is going to happen to stop Israel's crime against humanity in Gaza. I point to 75 years of the Zionist holocaust against Palestinians with the goal of eventually annexing all their lands against international law.

Therefore, I have assumed the flag bearer position of the anti-Zionist global spokes person. I am the only Global Advocate for WorldPeace all my life and officially since 1988 when I changed my name to John WorldPeace.

I have no connection or communication with any leaders of any nations. I am controlled by no one. I am an American but I am ashamed of its undeniable support for the anti-Semitic Zionist holocaust against the semitic Palestinians. Anti-Semitic refers to the children of Abraham, Isaac and Ishmael. There is no doubt there is a specific global anti-Zionist movement. The Zionist are the most rabid anti-Semitic people on the planet verified by 75 years of hatred for the Palestinians. It is a farce for the Zionist to try to refuse to acknowledge that they are the world human society's foremost Anti-Semites based on their 75 year holocaust against Palestinians. Zionists and Palestinians are both semitic people.

The Zionist holocaust in Gaza is an abomination to God. It is Cain attacking his brother Abel scenario. It is the Zionist progeny of Isaac creating a 75 years holocaust against their brothers and sisters the progeny of Ismael, through Mohammed and the Palestinians.

Nothing is going to change without the rules of engagement regarding the world human society and the Zionist over the Palestinians.

First, it is a farce to remember the Nazi holocaust against the Jews in the 1940s and ignore the Zionist holocaust againt the Muslim, Palestinian, Gazans in 2023. Never again attend a Nazi holocaust memorial until there is a global acknowledgement of the Zionist holocaust in Gaza along with it.

The UN is a farce and tragedy with regards to the Zionist holocaust in Gaza. It is a corrupt and castrated manipulated organization as evidenced by Gaza as well as Ukraine among others global genocides.

For 75 years your nation has supported or remained neutral with the Zionist holocaust against Palestinians.

So we the people of the world human society have to come together outside the bureaucracies of our governments and the UN and end this Zionist Holocaust in Gaza.

Our first act is to support the BDS Boycott Divestiture Sanction against Israel (Zion) globally.

These are the absolute requirements to end the Zionist Holocaust against Palestinians permanently.

1) The Jews and Zionist and the state of Isreal must be removed from Gaza, the West Bank and all other Palestinian territories immediately.

2) These lands must form the new nation of Palestine after an acknowledgement of all parties that Israel has the right to exist within it pre-1967 boundaries. Israel is too entrenched in the world human society to be removed from Israel. Zion was carved out of Zion leaving Palestinians with no state for the last 75 years. The Palestinian use of the phrase "from river to the sea" as a reference to the destruction of Zion as a nation. It should not be used.

3) Based on the Zionist actions in Gaza, the world human society must take by force if necessary the nuclear weapons in the possession of Israel based on Netanyahu's veiled threats of a nuclear attack on Iran which would start a global nuclear war. Isreal is a rabid Anti-semitic rogue nation in the world of nations and must be reined in with the United States leading this change of status for Israel.

4) There must be an acknowledgement by the world of nations that Israel is an apartheid nation. And a nation who the far right Zionists want to develop into a theocracy like Iran. America specifically does not support apartheid nations. Not in South Africa, not in Israel. But American politicians have and continue to support Israel. We need to find the link between these politicians and the Zionists.

5) A military force of the United Nations must defend the new state of Palestine and if attacked by Isreal the UN must react with the force that Zion is propagating in Gaza at the moment. The UN must remain in Gaza until it is a free standing nation.

6) The time for talk about Israel is over. They must be removed by deadly force if necessay from the new nation of Palestine.

7) The right of return must be enforced for all Palestinians who were placed into 53 refugee camps in the Middle East due to the Nabka at the end of WWII. They have the right of return to the new nation of Palestine, not to the nation of Israel that will be defined by the pre 1967 borders.

8) The United Nation must take over the Administration of the Temple Mount. Israelis will have access such that peace can be maintained by the UN.

9) All over the world hatred between races, religions, nationalities exists. And it cannot be erased. It is the nature of homo sapien sapiens to aspire to a homogenus society. Only America is the melting pot of the world human society. The only way there will be a chance of peace between Israel and Palestine is with a two state solution. A one state solution will only perpetuate the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians within one nation.

That said: Who is Dr John WorldPeace JD. See my vetting document and qualifications to lead this global movement at my 18,000 page flagship website at

I have no assets. I live a minimalist life. I have been living without a companion for 8 years but prior to that I had 5 significant female relationship and fathered 4 children with wife one.

This Palestinian statehood movement must be promoted and the best way to do that is by promotional advertising globally, not by supporting populations of disadvantaged world citizens. There are many groups that can take care of this.

What I have created is a business of WorldPeace. I refuse to create any kind of WorldPeace Organization. All money contributed will be spent on global advertising and clerical people to manage normal business functions to increase the peace in the world human society. I will be the only owner officer of this business. There will be nothing to join. No membership. No followers. Just a global community of individuals that recognize that the current world human society is unsustainable in many civilization killing ways. The goal is to disburse monies received within a week of its receipt. The goal is to have no taxable income by spending all contributions as legitimate business expenses.

Goal: To increase the level of peace in the world human society and foster a more just and sane world human society.

I am an artist and poet and the sales of my paintings and books will support my minimalist lifestyle and the rest transferred to this WorldPeace endeavor. I also have a small remnant of a large web design business I began in 2003 to support my personal needs.

I have a banner that has WorldPeace in English on it. I suggest a banner for every language in the world human society. I suggest that every business that is selling a tangible product put this WorldPeace banner on its products as a constant reminder to think Peace and WorldPeace

This is the first global WorldPeace business that is not a government or religious entity. It is a mindset regarding increasing the level of peace in the world human society. Like everything that is created it will naturally evolve.

I will continue to write commentary regarding WorldPeace in all aspects of the world human society. If you agree with what I say, put that on your own business or organizaion or personal website or social media platform. There is no mandate to assume my position on issues related to WorldPeace. I REFUSE TO CREATE A BUREAUCRACY WITH MEMBERS AND OFFICERS OR BOARD MEMBERS.

The first objective, order of business, of WorldPeace is to end the 75 year holocaust that revolves around Palestine by creating a free and independent nation of Palestine.

Lastly, consider this. When you look at the videos coming in from Gaza notice that it is a destroyed wasteland. The Gazans have been living in a Zionist imposed slum. When you see videos of Israel, you are looking at a modern city. Israel must be forced to pay for the rebuilding of Palestine and particularly Gaza. And as is written on the right panel of this website, a several hundred thousand dollar payment for every person the Zionists have murdered over and above the 1200 Israelis killed by Hamas on October 7th. I DO NOT SUPPORT VIOLENCE ON ANY LEVEL. The number of Gazans killed by Zion seems to be in excess of 12000 now but I am sure it is a much larger number and will grow as bodies are dug out from under the Zionist created rubble.

Let this journey begin. Let this journey be a template for solving other such problems that exist in the world human society.

The United States by supporting Zion is going against its Constitution to be a global light for Peace in the world human society and not a supporter of undemocratic apatheid nations.

Contribute at or buy one of my books or pieces of art on Etsy. For the multi billion dollar corporations, Google, Amazon, Space X, Tesla, Facebook, etc not to make ongoing multimillion dollar contributions to increasing the peace in the world human society would be extremely cynical and tragic. My "contribute money" site is for all the WorldPeace endeavors I have going. I refuse to have a different contribution link for each of my Peace projects.

Follow this website and my other websites listed on my flagship website Everything on this website relates to increasing the peace in the world human society.

I am located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I do not intend to travel because it is time consuming and not efficient. Conversations with me need to be by Zoom or a similar format.

I am running for President of the USA as an independent maverick write-in candidate 2024.

Much of what I write is posted on several websites and on my YouTube channel "Dr John WorldPeace JD"

Dr John WorldPeace JD.

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace
Where there is hatred, let me sow love
Where the is injury, pardon
Where there is doubt, faith
Where there is despair, hope
Where there is darkness, light
Where there is sadness, joy

O Divine Master, grant that I may
Not so much seed to be consoled
as to console
To be understood as to understand
To be loved, as to love
For it is in giving that we receive
and it is in pardoning that we are pardoned
And it is in dying that we are born to
Eternal Life

Until one is committed there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves, too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, rising in one's favour all mananer of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamt would have come his way.

The Scottish Himalayan Expedition - William H. Murray

Commentary with regards to the end of the Zionist Holocaust (not war) against Palestinians in Gaza.

The core problem between the Zionists and the Palestinians: In 1945, at the end of WWII, a homeland had to be found for the Jews because of the guilt regarding the death of 6 million Jews in the Nazi Holocaust. They were given land in Palestine. But no one at the United Nations had any idea about what to do with the Palestinians already living there. So the Zionist began to drive out the Palestinians in what became known as the Nabka. No one tried to stop it. The UN did not try to define the land for a Palestinians state. So it has gone for 75 years. The Zionist just keep taking more and more land. The UN does nothing. The United States, did nothing except let the Zionist ethnically cleanse more and more of Palestine and expand the state of Israel. Now the Zionists are in the process of ethnically cleansing Gaza and intending to take it over. Who knows where the Palestinians are going to go. Except we know Zionists are killing as many of them as they can. So until there is a state defined by the UN for Palestine, the Zionist holocaust against the Palestinians in Gaza will expand to the West Bank after Gaza until there is no land for the Palestinians. The United States has infinite Palestinian blood on its hands.

1) Israel the tail wagging the American dog. There are 16 million Jews in the world. There are 335 million Americans of which 7 million are Jews. So there are about 9 million Jews living in Israel and 7 million living in America.
So what we have is 9 million Jews in Israel dictating what 335 million Americans can do with regards to Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.

2) Fual Citizenship America/Israel. There are about 200,000 Palestinians living in America as a subset of 4.3 million Muslims. There is a significant problem with Jews who are dual citizens of Israel and America. The problem is that the American Jews do not have to swear loyality to the United States but they do have to swear loyalty to Israel. So we have a situation such that dual citizens, American and Israeli, must swear a loyalty oath to Isreal but do not have to swear a loyality oath to America. So that would mean that these dual citizens living in America must support the holocaust in Isreal. So how many of these dual citizens are supporting Israel as opposed to the United States with regards to Gaza? It would mean that dual citizen Israeli/American are traitors to any anti-Israeli by America. Who is Gods chosen people, Americans or Jews? Before Jesus you could say the Jews were God's chosen people. But after the Jews crucified Jesus, God allowed the Romans in 72CE to raze Jerusalem and the Temple of Solomon, and disburse the Jews out of Israel. In 600CE God gave lands of Israel to the Muslims through Mohammed the progeny of the First Born of Abraham Ismael. This included the Dome of the Rock which the Jews call the Temple Mount. In the 1940's God allowed the Nazis to exterminate 6 million Jews. So it sounds that God abandoned the Jews after the Zionist crucified Jesus. So who is presently God's chosen people and nation. Well that would be America. Why? Because America is the only global society in the world human society in which all religions, all races, all nationalities, all genders have equal rights per the American Constitution and generally live in peace enforced by the laws of the Constitution. Therefore, it is an abomination to God for American Christians to subordinate their status as the chosen people and nation of God to the Jews. Therefore, any Christian preacher who advocates that Christians subordinate their American citizenship to the nation of Isreal are an abomination of God.

3) The oath of American Politicians. America is the melting pot of the world human society. Therefore President Joe Biden cannot give preference to the murder of Palestinians by Zionists. Joe Biden as President and all the US senators and representatives but give equal consideration to the families of Palestinians who live in Gaza as much consideration as he give Jews or any other nationality, religion, race in the world human society. The foundation of the US Constitution is that all Americans are equal under the law regardless of race, religion or nationality. So for Biden to allow the Zionist to murder non combatant Gazans is a breech of his office to treat Palestians in America the same as Zionist. The fact that Joe Biden is undeniably supporting the acts of Zionist over Palestinians in Gaza is a breach of his office to treat all Americans equally.

4) The conflict in Gaza is not a war. It is a holocaust. In a war, you have armed and trained soldiers fighting soldiers. But for Israeli soldiers to make war on civilians in Gaza, especially citizen without weapons, is a holocaust not a war and under international law a crime against humanity. Biden and all Americans but quit referring to Gaza as a war and start referring to the Israeli incursion into Gaza as a holocaust or a crime agains Gaza. And I will repeat Biden is allowing the Zionists to kill the relatives of Palestinian/American citizens. Biden has discounted the value of the lives of Palestinians as subordinte to Jews.

5) Jews and Zionists are the most radical of fascist anti-Semites. Consider the following from ChatGPT How does anti-semitism apply to palestinians a semite people ChatGPT To answer this question, we need to clarify some terms and concepts: Definition of Semite: Historically, the term "Semite" referred to a group of ancient peoples who spoke Semitic languages. This group includes the ancient and modern Jews, Arabs, Phoenicians, Assyrians, Babylonians, and others. Thus, both Jews and Arabs (including Palestinians) are Semitic peoples. Anti-Semitism: Despite the broader definition of "Semite," the term "anti-Semitism" was coined in the late 19th century specifically to describe prejudice against Jews, not all Semitic peoples. Its usage has remained largely consistent in this respect, and today it is understood primarily as discrimination against, hatred toward, or prejudice against Jews. Critique of Israel: It is important to distinguish between legitimate criticisms of the State of Israel and its policies and anti-Semitism. However, some critiques can veer into anti-Semitic territory, such as when they rely on age-old stereotypes about Jews, deny the Jewish people their right to self-determination, or apply double standards by requiring of Israel a behavior not expected or demanded of any other democratic nation. Palestinians & Anti-Semitism: While Palestinians, as Semitic people, can face discrimination and prejudice, animus specifically against them wouldn't be categorized as "anti-Semitism" in its traditional usage. Instead, discrimination against Palestinians or Arabs would be more accurately termed as anti-Arab prejudice or Islamophobia (if the prejudice is based on religion). Overlapping Issues: That being said, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has occasionally blurred these lines. Some pro-Palestinian advocates have been accused of anti-Semitism when their criticisms of Israel invoke anti-Jewish stereotypes or when they deny the Jewish connection to Israel. Conversely, some pro-Israel advocates have been accused of Islamophobia or anti-Arab prejudice. In summary, while Palestinians are Semitic, anti-Semitism traditionally and specifically refers to prejudice against Jews. It's important to differentiate between criticism of a state's actions and policies and prejudice against an entire group of people based on their ethnicity or religion. Well friends, here is the short answer. The Jews have tried to highjack the term anti-Semitic to only apply to Jews in order to ignore the fact that Palestinians are like the Jews a Semitic people. So by defining Jews as the only Semites, they can avoid being acused by me, Dr John WorldPeace JD, as being the most rabid anti-Semites in the world human socity with regards to their Zionist holocaust in Gaza. Now the correct word for hatred of Jews globally is Anti-Zionist. It is the right wing, apartheid state of Israel, that the haters of Jews hate. So to call haters of Jews anti-Zionist as opposed to anti-Semitics would be the truth regards that hatred. So Netanyahu likes to call his holocaust against the Palestinians a war when it is a holocaust and he likes to say that anti-Semitism only applies to Jews to avoid being accused to being call an anti-semite for his extreme hatred for Palestinians. What is the real source of the Zionist hatred of Palestinians, it is the fact that the Zionist want the Palestinians land. That is the entire issue.


The WorldPeace Insignia has a hand in the middle which represents human beings within the world human society. Red is the color of human blood. Where two fingers represent Peace, an open hand represents WorldPeace. Everytime a person waves his open hand, all those who see it will in time think about WorldPeace.

Behind the hand is a yin-yang symbol. This represents the constant change in all dimensions and in all aspects of this earth dreamscape where all things constantly manifest from the Infinite Potential and constantly disintegrate back into the Infinite Potential which is the cause of never ending change in all aspects of the earth dreamscape and within the world human society. The reason there will never be a perfect peace on earth, except that Jesus turns all humans into stone, is because things will never stop changing.

The yin-yang symbol is colored green and blue which represents the planet (blue sky and oceans - green earth). The yin-yang symbol represents the duality of all things constantly changing constantly encroaching on each other. Within the blue is some green and within the green is some blue. Within the darkest night, there is always light and within the brightest day there is darkness.

Around the blue-green earth there is a yellow band which represents the sun. The sun is the light of the physical world and also represents the spiritual light of the universe.

The black band around the yellow band represents the universe. It is the spiritual universe from which all things manifest and back into which all things disintegrate.

The insignia is round and represents the no beginning - no end of the Infinite Potential which was not born and will not die.

We must be constantly mindful that all things are in a constant state of change and the only way we can find peace is to acknowledge this never ending change and remain vigilant in our efforts to increase the peace in the world human society.

Dr John WorldPeace JD April 5, 1988

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The Zionist Holocaust in Gaza

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