FRIENDS, when George Dubya Bush was determined to go into Iraq based on the CIA lies of a Saddam/Al Queda alliance and weapons of mass destruction there were protests everywhere in the world but Bush just laughed. Why? Bush laughed because without ONE PERSON AS A FOCAL POINT OF ALL THE PROTEST TO CONFRONT BUSH AND OTHERS NOT TO START A WAR, the protesters were just an unfocused disconnected powerless mob.

The entire power of the USA is behind Joe Biden now as they were behind Dubya Bush then. Biden is not going to make any effort to find out who can speak for the ENTIRE MOVEMENT with authority to speak against the Zionist genocide in Gaza.

I am one man with one message "Increase the peace in the world". There is no one else with my credentials to challenge and stop the insanity not only with the Zionist Holocaust in Gaza but Global Warming and the Anarchy of Donald Trump. I am the focal point. I am the one.

If someone is more qualified with a stronger resume than mine, he or she needs to meet with me and others and we will select ONE spokeperson for the MOVEMENT. All the potential leaders of the STOP the Gaza Holocaust need to come together and decide who will be the focal point. With NO FOCAL POINT to confront Biden, the Zionist will continue their 75 year determination to subordinate and murder Palestinian men, women, children and babies with their Zionist Holocaust agenda.

VIOLENCE IS NOT THE ANSWER. IT WILL ACCOMPLISH NOTHING. I DO NOT ADVOCATE IT BECAUSE IT WILL ACCOMPLISH NOTHING. A GLOBAL MAN OR WOMAN FOCAL POINT regarding the Zionist holocaust in Gaza is all that will end the Gaza genocide and give the Palestinians their own soverign nation and BACK DOWN and THROTTLE BACK Joe Biden.


- Dr John WorldPeace JD.

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All children my children
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my parents and grandparents
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my brothers and sisters
In Gaza the Zionist soldiers
murder my civilian family

Dr John WorldPeace JD

Dr John WorldPeace JD vetting documents (click here)

Dr John WorldPeace for President 2024


1) Any candidate who is not a VETERAN is going to be hammered by me as being an American in name only. As president I will bring back the Peace Corp as an alternative service for those who do not want to go into the military. If neither a candidate, candidate's parents or their children or grand children have served in the military, that candidate is not worthy to be president. Being female is no excuse. My father (WWII Army) my 3 sons (USMC) my son-in-law (Navy). Ancestors (Sgt, Continental Army, Revolutionary War) (Confederate Surgeon and Confederate Private). Further in 1970 when I was about to finish college, I signed up for USMC Officer Candidate School. In July 1970, I was discharged because I was told that they could only take Engineers for the next class due to changes from Washington. On October 14, 1970, 2 days after I was drafted into the Army, the Marines called my wife and said they had a place for me in the March 1971, OCS class. They wanted me to discharge from the Army and re-enlist with the Marines. I told my wife to tell them no that I was not going to discharge for 6 months and hope the Marines did not change their minds again.. I was trained for 11 months as an Infantry Sergeant to go to Vietnam. When I reported to Fort Dix in September 1971 to ship out to Vietnam, I was sent to the NATO Forces (SETAF) in Vicenza, Italy, where I was stationed until I was honorably discharged. (NOTE: to verify all I have claimed see my vetting documents page on this website)

2) RELIGION. Any candidate who wants the Christian vote needs to have gone to church more than a few times during the campaign. I am a believer in Jesus not the church. I am a spiritual Christian not a bureaucratic religionist Christian member of a corporate church. The church is just another political party in my opinion as evidenced by the new Christian Nationalism movement. Jesus said give to Caesar what is Caesars. He was not political in his mission. I came into this life with Jesus and God and have never lost the faith. I am not a born-again Christian. The book of Hebrews says that God wrote his laws on our hearts and minds and no one needs to teach anyone. Hebrews 8:10-12. And says the same thing in Jeremiah 31:34.Just look inside yourself if you want to know God and Jesus and a personal relationship with them. You cannot follow anyone to heaven..

Further, if you go to my main Christian website ( you will see that I have re-organized the first four Gospels of the New Testament. It is called The Third Millennium Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Further, America is not strictly a Christian nation. On my main website ( on the Site Map) you will find that I have re-interpreted and commented on the major sacred texts of the major religions in the world human society: Buddhism, Hinduism, Zen, Islam, The Annalects of Confucius, etc. I made a significant 3 year effort to understand other religions by re-interpreting their major sacred texts. I have also over the years attended more that a few Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim religious gatherings. I believe any religionist can believe in Jesus. I do not believe that any Christian is saved if he or she does not act saved in their day to day life. Jesus said if you do not feed the hungry, heal the sick, shelter the homeless you will go to hell. Mt 25: 41.This is the radical left message of Jesus which Trump curses every chance he gets. Jesus did not say go to hell unless you are saved. Jesus said you are not truly saved if you do not become your brother's keeper.

3) I have a LAW DEGREE and practiced law for almost 20 years. We can all see what happens when you have a non-lawyer as president. Donald Trump is lost as president. He is ignorant of the most basic foundation of American law. And as a result we had chaos in the White House. Also, I have a BA in Political Science. In addition, I understand the workings of family and criminal law in which I practiced for 20 years. I worked full time and went to college full time for 9 of 10 years. I never applied for any student loans. Never had a scholarship. I had no college related debt when I graduated.

4) I believe any candidate for President must have an accounting or economics degree. I also have a Bachelor of ACCOUNTANCY degree.The world is becoming more intergrated economically and financially and the president must not get lost in financial numbers. I have a Bachelor of Accountancy from the University of Houston and I practiced ACCOUNTING AND TAX from 1977 to 1993. I understand complex accounting, the stock market and taxes. I can read complex financial statements and I can read Government budgets. I have a working knowledge and understanding of economics. I believed in a balanced budget. PERIOD.

5) I was a member of Mensa and Intel which means my VERIFIED IQ is in the top 1%. Donald Trump is a low mentality human being. He says he is smart. If he is he should show us by taking the Mensa test. Any candidate who does not have a high IQ, top 2% required by Mensa is not qualified to be president. We dont need another Dumb Ass president. Nixon said he was not a crook. Trump says he is not stupid. I say if you are a candidate for President, take the Mensa test. If a candidate does not take it, that candidate could not pass it. Period. No more stupid liars in the White House.

6) I have a Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) and a Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) certificates both of which required 5 years in the INSURANCE business and 30 college hours. The most critical issue in the United States right now is Health Insurance and property insurance due to fires and floods. I understand the arguments from my experience and education. No other candidate has these qualifications.

7) In 1988, after my first divorce in 1987, I was about to turn 40. I decided to make a commitment to ADVOCATING WORLDPEACE (increasing the peace in the world human society is attainable. Only in the realm of Jesus is there the potential of a perfect peace.) and changed my name as a tangible commitment to WorldPeace. (WorldPeace is one word. If it is written as two words, it is two things).

I have found three areas that control the level of peace in the world human society. 1) Government Politics 2) Religious Bureaucracies 3) The Legal and Justice systems 4) The internet and social media. 5) Global Corporations 6) Universities (that do not teach peace). I have a Political science degree and I have studied politics all my life and most especially the Civil War and Nazi Germany. And I ran for governor of Texas in 2002. I have gone to church all my life and I have written 10 books related to Christianity. And I have reinterpreted (not translated) the most sacred texts of the major religions. I have a law degree and I practiced law for 20 years. I had a web design business and fully understand the internet. I have University degrees in Accounting, Political Science and law. So in all these the above areas I have the education and the experience. We are in a global society now and understanding how governments works, how religions work, and how the legal systems work is required to be president of the United States.

I have begun the process of applying for DUAL CITIZENSHIP in all the nations of the world in order to fast track as many global issues as possible for increasing the level of peace in the world human society and to move out of the 20th century nationalistic mindsetS and into a Global mindset of the Third Millennium. It is my intention to become the world's first Global Citizen.

8) Further, due to my agressive rebukes of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY IN TEXAS when I was running for governor of Texas, I was subsequently illegally disbarred and jailed for a year by the Feds with the aid of the corrupt State Bar of Texas and two corrupt Federal Judges. The State Bar disbarred me without even pleading for disbarment. I hated practicing law because it is a "Conflict oriented Greed driven profession." So I have not been in a hurry to recoup my license. It has not been a priority. The red neck assassin North Texas Judge who disbarred me had no jurisdiction because he was not appointed by the Supreme Court of Texas to hear my cases and as I said the State Bar did not plead for disbarment. Attorneys understand what I am talking about. I have all the files in my case. With no jurisdiction there is no statute of limitations on my case against the State Bar of Texas. In time I will sue the State Bar of Texas. The pleading are on my flagship website.

I told the Texas Democratic Party if they pursue their corrupt path, the White Male Democrats would abandon the Democratic party and vote Republican and Texas would become a radical right Red state. That is exactly what happened.

9) PRISON JOURNAL. The bottom line is that through my Political incarceration I have my "Peace Advocate bona fides". I wrote a 584 page prison journal for sale on ( Dr John WorldPeace Jd Prison Journal 2008: Dr John WorldPeace JD: Texas Political Prisoner) The last 5 months of my one year in jail I was in administrative segregation, solitary confinement, and was not allowed out of my cell for more than 13 hours. I have a prison journal which will be available on Amazon within a few months. In jail, like Mandela, King and Gandhi, I wrote: over 3000 pages. Bernie Sanders was a peace activists but he does not have my "bona fides" of a year in jail based on the lying testimony of a Deputy U S Marshall. Friends, I am fearless but I am not stupid. I will have my vindication on my terms and on my time table.

(I did not seek out a jail term to acquire my bona fides. That said, no other candidate has a first hand 12 months experience of being in jail for challenging the Democratic Party and being illegally jailed as a political prisoner.)

Further my experience in the Army and my experience in the Federal Prison System makes me absolutely against a pure government administed nation HEALTH CARE for all program.

10) My father's parents lived on a FARM/RANCH west of Houston in El Campo, Texas. I spent many summers there until I was 14. I have hoed and picked cotton. Enough to know that I did not want to make a career out of it. My second wife and I lived on her father's 125 acre ranch close to Thornton, Texas from 1990-1992. He died in 1991. I ran the ranch. I knew enough from my childhood to run the ranch. I can certainly drive a tractor and ride a horse and build and maintain long barbed wire fences.. Question is what is the farm ranch experience of the other candidates? Probably None. I have hunted, dove, quail, ducks and geese and harvested a few deer. I can fish. I have not hunted since I left Thornton in 1992. Not something I enjoy anymore but I definitely am addicted to being outdoors. I love to walk down long rows of corn, maze and cotton. Famers and Ranchers have been screwed by the government such that small farms and ranches are an endangered species. I will put a stop to that trend.

11) I have been posting 500 to 1500 word TRUMPEE ZERO COMMENTARIES about day to day events related to Donald Trump since November 2016. I have been fully engaged in Presidential politics. If a candidate opposing me does not have that track record, they need to stay out of the race. If you want to know what I have to say about Trump and American Demovcary, go to or my timeline on Facebook or my Blog or my YouTube videos. The Candidates presently running for President have no signicant on record essays about what is has been going on under Trump. They do not write because they are afraid of their constiuencies over concern for America and doing the right thing as opposed to selling out America.

12) In October 1975, I was raised to the Degree of MASTER MASON in the Oak Forest Lodge #1398 in Houston, Texas. Anyone who knows anything about the Masonic Lodge knows that you have to ask to join in a petition with two Masons vouching for you. Then you have to memorize a significant amount of Masonic information and be raised from Entered Apprentice, to Fellowcraft before being raised. The final act is a vote by the lodge members where you cannot receive one black ball. And any Mason from any lodge can black ball you. This means you have been vetted by the entire Masonic Organization. Most of the founding fathers of the United States were Masons and many presidents. I was raised with my father. We also joined the Scottish Rite and the Shrine. When I changed my name in April 1988, I disengaged from every organization I had belonged to because I felt membership in any organization separated me from advocating WorldPeace. I believe metaphorically speaking that WorldPeace is Egalitarian and Democratic and being a member of any organization is Elitist and Exclusionary. I also disengaged from Mensa and my church membership. That being said, discharging from the Army does not erase your service, disconnecting from a church bureaucracy does not make you a non-Christian. Disconnecting from the Masonic Lodge does not erase your participation. I believe that my membership in any organization is an impediment to my WorldPeace Advocacy. With regards to Masonry one rule is absolute and that is the prohibition against discussing politics or religion at gatherings. Point is that all the junk you read about the Masons trying to control the world is nonsense.

13) I HAVE NO SIGNIFICANT ASSETS. My education and experience indicates I could easily make a couple hundred thousand dollars a year. I have no car. I have a bicycle and motorcycle. I do not own nor am I purchasing a home. I have no real estate, no land, no savings accounts, no stocks, no bonds, no US or foreign investments or other assets. I have no debts. I have no trust set up in my name. I have a web design business which in addition to my social security pays my minimal expenses. I earn to whatever degree I need to, in order to pay my bills. Making money is subordinate to my WorldPeace Advocacy and run for President and other endeavors.. I am not married and live with no one. (I have logged in 45 years of committed relationships with 4 women) The only other assets I have are my books, poetry and art which have no value at this time because I have not tried to seriously market them. I do expect that I will place an emphasis on marketing in 2019. THE POINT IS THAT NO ONE OWNS ME. I HAVE NO POLITICAL OBLIGATIONS TO ANYONE OR ANY ENTITY AND DO NOT INTEND TO INCUR ANY. I absolutely believe the words of Jesus that if I make God a priority my earthly needs will be taken care of. Matt 6:33-4 I have found this true my entire life. When I had a family my expenses were significantly greater. I was not able to fully pursue my current interests until I finished raising my children in 1995 who the first wife abandoned to me in 1988..

14) WORLDPEACE TEACHING PEACE. There is no university in the world human society that has a curriculum leading to a degree of any kind in global peace studies. Years ago I sent snail mail to presidents and heads of universities in the United States. These letters are on my website No response of any kind. Why do universities refuse to teach peace? It is very simple. All universities are run by Boards who decide on major decisions regarding the university. Everyone in America knows the fights that are ongoing about banning books and school vouchers and so on. For anyone at the top of a university bureaucracy who proposes a Teach Peace curriculum, there would be an immediate discussion of what to teach. And that discussion would begin in conflict and resolve nothing. There would be a mini civil war within the board that would propagate immediately to the falculty and then the student body. The whole campus would immediately descend into chaos. So I set up my website WorldPeace Teaching Peace. And I am daily working on it. If I Dr John WorldPeace JD who is not associated with any university or any corporate or non-corporate institution and who is the only global advocate for peace and WorldPeace since April 1988, who would take on this task. No one has my resume for this work.

15) ART I have been painting since I was 14. I have had a website on the internet since 1998 when I built it. I channel my art the same as I channel my poetry. Art is creative and spiritual and through my art I have a channel to my spirituality and connection with the spritual dreamscape. The same goes for my poetry. See

16) POETRY. I have written and self published 140 books of which about 120 are poetry books. I just submitted 2 books of about 2500 pages for the 2024 Pulitzer Poetry Prize to be announced in May 2024.This is my fourth time to submit. I have submitted nothing to any other organization. I am not part of any poetry community and never have been. Like my art my poetry is channeled. I have been writing poetry since 1970. No one but my wives and a few of my family members knew I wrote poetry. In the Spring of 2018 I began to publish everything. 2300 pages, 3500 poems. It took until October 2019 to complete the task. Since then I have written a 135 page book of new poems every month. I have also published as part of my book list, compilation and selections of all my poems. Like the art, I had done little marketing to date.

17) EXTRA TERRESTRIALS ETs are real. I have no definition of the distinction between ETs and angels. I think many people confuse ETs for angels. I am fully aware of a conversation I had with God before my birth about my work in this life. That work was Advocating Peace and WorldPeace. It took me 74 to learn that work. I had a experiene with ETs in 1956 when I was taken up into a ETs spacecraft for an examination. This was near El Campo Texas. There were no books about ETs then and what I experienced has been verified as real by the UFO media conversation since Roswell in 1947. I have had more than a few encounters over my life. But in 1956 I told my helpers that I did not want to remember those events because I did not have time to dwell upon them do to the amount of conscious work I had to do. I know more than a few people who spend their whole day going over the dreams they had the night before. My only other encounter I had was a holographic encounter in July 2023 in my home in Albuquerque. It was brief. The meeting was to verify that my lifetime of ET communications were real. The ETs I have interacted with are what are generally known as the greys. In 2009, I did have an close encounter with at skinwalkers who looked like a werewolf for lack of a better description. Looked like a 7 foot champaign colored Great Dane. I saw it two over 3 hours and it was very real. It just wanted to make its presence known. This happened in Brenham Texas.

ETs are everywhere in the world human society. Some are ET hybrids. Some are higher dimensional entities. Some are AI. Some do not have a soul. Both the prophets Ezekiah and Elijah in the Bible had ET encounters. ETs have been on the earth since the earth's creation and have always existed.. There is a global conspiracy among governments to deny the truth of ETs. As far as I am concerned, the racism on the planets is the stongest indication that ETs need to remain cloaked as humans or the world human population will try to exterminate them.Those of us who have had the encounters know the truth of ET presence on earth and are involved with the humans on many different levels. All the ET species have their own agenda. The majority of them are non-threatening.

Commentary with regards to the end of the Zionist Holocaust (not war) against Palestinians in Gaza.

The core problem between the Zionists and the Palestinians: In 1945, at the end of WWII, a homeland had to be found for the Jews because of the guilt regarding the death of 6 million Jews in the Nazi Holocaust. They were given land in Palestine. But no one at the United Nations had any idea about what to do with the Palestinians already living there. So the Zionist began to drive out the Palestinians in what became known as the Nabka. No one tried to stop it. The UN did not try to define the land for a Palestinians state. So it has gone for 75 years. The Zionist just keep taking more and more land. The UN does nothing. The United States, did nothing except let the Zionist ethnically cleanse more and more of Palestine and expand the state of Israel. Now the Zionists are in the process of ethnically cleansing Gaza and intending to take it over. Who knows where the Palestinians are going to go. Except we know Zionists are killing as many of them as they can. So until there is a state defined by the UN for Palestine, the Zionist holocaust against the Palestinians in Gaza will expand to the West Bank after Gaza until there is no land for the Palestinians. The United States has infinite Palestinian blood on its hands.

1) Israel the tail wagging the American dog. There are 16 million Jews in the world. There are 335 million Americans of which 7 million are Jews. So there are about 9 million Jews living in Israel and 7 million living in America.
So what we have is 9 million Jews in Israel dictating what 335 million Americans can do with regards to Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.

2) Fual Citizenship America/Israel. There are about 200,000 Palestinians living in America as a subset of 4.3 million Muslims. There is a significant problem with Jews who are dual citizens of Israel and America. The problem is that the American Jews do not have to swear loyality to the United States but they do have to swear loyalty to Israel. So we have a situation such that dual citizens, American and Israeli, must swear a loyalty oath to Isreal but do not have to swear a loyality oath to America. So that would mean that these dual citizens living in America must support the holocaust in Isreal. So how many of these dual citizens are supporting Israel as opposed to the United States with regards to Gaza? It would mean that dual citizen Israeli/American are traitors to any anti-Israeli by America. Who is Gods chosen people, Americans or Jews? Before Jesus you could say the Jews were God's chosen people. But after the Jews crucified Jesus, God allowed the Romans in 72CE to raze Jerusalem and the Temple of Solomon, and disburse the Jews out of Israel. In 600CE God gave lands of Israel to the Muslims through Mohammed the progeny of the First Born of Abraham Ismael. This included the Dome of the Rock which the Jews call the Temple Mount. In the 1940's God allowed the Nazis to exterminate 6 million Jews. So it sounds that God abandoned the Jews after the Zionist crucified Jesus. So who is presently God's chosen people and nation. Well that would be America. Why? Because America is the only global society in the world human society in which all religions, all races, all nationalities, all genders have equal rights per the American Constitution and generally live in peace enforced by the laws of the Constitution. Therefore, it is an abomination to God for American Christians to subordinate their status as the chosen people and nation of God to the Jews. Therefore, any Christian preacher who advocates that Christians subordinate their American citizenship to the nation of Isreal are an abomination of God.

3) The oath of American Politicians. America is the melting pot of the world human society. Therefore President Joe Biden cannot give preference to the murder of Palestinians by Zionists. Joe Biden as President and all the US senators and representatives but give equal consideration to the families of Palestinians who live in Gaza as much consideration as he give Jews or any other nationality, religion, race in the world human society. The foundation of the US Constitution is that all Americans are equal under the law regardless of race, religion or nationality. So for Biden to allow the Zionist to murder non combatant Gazans is a breech of his office to treat Palestians in America the same as Zionist. The fact that Joe Biden is undeniably supporting the acts of Zionist over Palestinians in Gaza is a breach of his office to treat all Americans equally.

4) The conflict in Gaza is not a war. It is a holocaust. In a war, you have armed and trained soldiers fighting soldiers. But for Israeli soldiers to make war on civilians in Gaza, especially citizen without weapons, is a holocaust not a war and under international law a crime against humanity. Biden and all Americans but quit referring to Gaza as a war and start referring to the Israeli incursion into Gaza as a holocaust or a crime agains Gaza. And I will repeat Biden is allowing the Zionists to kill the relatives of Palestinian/American citizens. Biden has discounted the value of the lives of Palestinians as subordinte to Jews.

5) Jews and Zionists are the most radical of fascist anti-Semites. Consider the following from ChatGPT How does anti-semitism apply to palestinians a semite people ChatGPT To answer this question, we need to clarify some terms and concepts: Definition of Semite: Historically, the term "Semite" referred to a group of ancient peoples who spoke Semitic languages. This group includes the ancient and modern Jews, Arabs, Phoenicians, Assyrians, Babylonians, and others. Thus, both Jews and Arabs (including Palestinians) are Semitic peoples. Anti-Semitism: Despite the broader definition of "Semite," the term "anti-Semitism" was coined in the late 19th century specifically to describe prejudice against Jews, not all Semitic peoples. Its usage has remained largely consistent in this respect, and today it is understood primarily as discrimination against, hatred toward, or prejudice against Jews. Critique of Israel: It is important to distinguish between legitimate criticisms of the State of Israel and its policies and anti-Semitism. However, some critiques can veer into anti-Semitic territory, such as when they rely on age-old stereotypes about Jews, deny the Jewish people their right to self-determination, or apply double standards by requiring of Israel a behavior not expected or demanded of any other democratic nation. Palestinians & Anti-Semitism: While Palestinians, as Semitic people, can face discrimination and prejudice, animus specifically against them wouldn't be categorized as "anti-Semitism" in its traditional usage. Instead, discrimination against Palestinians or Arabs would be more accurately termed as anti-Arab prejudice or Islamophobia (if the prejudice is based on religion). Overlapping Issues: That being said, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has occasionally blurred these lines. Some pro-Palestinian advocates have been accused of anti-Semitism when their criticisms of Israel invoke anti-Jewish stereotypes or when they deny the Jewish connection to Israel. Conversely, some pro-Israel advocates have been accused of Islamophobia or anti-Arab prejudice. In summary, while Palestinians are Semitic, anti-Semitism traditionally and specifically refers to prejudice against Jews. It's important to differentiate between criticism of a state's actions and policies and prejudice against an entire group of people based on their ethnicity or religion. Well friends, here is the short answer. The Jews have tried to highjack the term anti-Semitic to only apply to Jews in order to ignore the fact that Palestinians are like the Jews a Semitic people. So by defining Jews as the only Semites, they can avoid being acused by me, Dr John WorldPeace JD, as being the most rabid anti-Semites in the world human socity with regards to their Zionist holocaust in Gaza. Now the correct word for hatred of Jews globally is Anti-Zionist. It is the right wing, apartheid state of Israel, that the haters of Jews hate. So to call haters of Jews anti-Zionist as opposed to anti-Semitics would be the truth regards that hatred. So Netanyahu likes to call his holocaust against the Palestinians a war when it is a holocaust and he likes to say that anti-Semitism only applies to Jews to avoid being accused to being call an anti-semite for his extreme hatred for Palestinians. What is the real source of the Zionist hatred of Palestinians, it is the fact that the Zionist want the Palestinians land. That is the entire issue.


The WorldPeace Insignia has a hand in the middle which represents human beings within the world human society. Red is the color of human blood. Where two fingers represent Peace, an open hand represents WorldPeace. Everytime a person waves his open hand, all those who see it will in time think about WorldPeace.

Behind the hand is a yin-yang symbol. This represents the constant change in all dimensions and in all aspects of this earth dreamscape where all things constantly manifest from the Infinite Potential and constantly disintegrate back into the Infinite Potential which is the cause of never ending change in all aspects of the earth dreamscape and within the world human society. The reason there will never be a perfect peace on earth, except that Jesus turns all humans into stone, is because things will never stop changing.

The yin-yang symbol is colored green and blue which represents the planet (blue sky and oceans - green earth). The yin-yang symbol represents the duality of all things constantly changing constantly encroaching on each other. Within the blue is some green and within the green is some blue. Within the darkest night, there is always light and within the brightest day there is darkness.

Around the blue-green earth there is a yellow band which represents the sun. The sun is the light of the physical world and also represents the spiritual light of the universe.

The black band around the yellow band represents the universe. It is the spiritual universe from which all things manifest and back into which all things disintegrate.

The insignia is round and represents the no beginning - no end of the Infinite Potential which was not born and will not die.

We must be constantly mindful that all things are in a constant state of change and the only way we can find peace is to acknowledge this never ending change and remain vigilant in our efforts to increase the peace in the world human society.

Dr John WorldPeace JD April 5, 1988

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The Zionist Holocaust in Gaza

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Premature Palestinians babies No incubators

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